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Bookkeeping Practice Set Getting Started Guide

Baldy's Barber Shop Practice Set Course

Baldy’s Barber Shop was made to provide individuals and the accounting and bookkeeping student with an overview of how the manual accounting and bookkeeping concepts taught in an introductory accounting course can be applied to a manual and computerized accounting system. In addition, the practice set illustrates the benefits of using a computerized accounting system.

Basic Background

Baldy Jones after working for others for 10 years decided to open his own barber shop called Baldy's Barber Shop. After meetings with Dave Marshall from Bean Counter he learned about the necessary licenses and what is necessary to open and run a successful business. He leased space for his shop  and December 1, xxxx invested $15,000 of his personal funds and began setting up his business and acquiring some needed services. He planned on beginning cutting hair about the middle of December.

Your Tasks
Record the transactions for the month of December using a manual system, spreadsheet system, and computer system.

Course Delivery
The course is designed as an offline course and purchased and downloaded as a compressed file (zip file) –  
Unzip the file to a location on your computer where you want the files located.
After unzipping the file, the course materials are located in a main folder and sub folders (See Below).
Course Needs:
1. Computer and Printer
2. LibreOffice -Free Version Available (Windows and Mac) or Microsoft Excel   
Free LibreOffice Writer can be used to view and print all worksheets and manuals.
LibreOffice Calc or Excel can be used with Baldy’s Spreadsheet Exercise
3. Manager Accounting Software – Free Desktop Version Available (Windows and Mac)  

  • Download and Install Needed Free Software

Manager Accounting
Install the Software by clicking on the file named Manager.msi and following
the instructions.
Prior Knowledge Needed
The student should be familiar with basic accounting terms, debits and credits, journals,
and financial statements. A free accounting textbook and brief reviews are provided if
you need to “brush up”.
Accounting Basics – Baldys BarberShop\Textbook\AccountingBasics.pdf
Brief Reviews - BaldysBarbershop\BriefReviews\
The practice set is composed of three assignments:
  • Baldy’s Manual System

Using the chart of accounts, transactions listing, and adjusting entries listings you record
the transactions in the General Journal, post the entries to the General Ledger, and
use the Financial Statements Worksheet to prepare Financial Statements.
Closing Entries are not required for this exercise.
Note: Use the month of December 2017 to enter the transactions.
Detailled Instructions are provided here
  • Baldy’s Spreadsheet System

General Journal
Special Journals
Using the Spreadsheets provided you input the transaction information using input screens
and the information is automatically posted to the Journals, General Ledger, and Financial
Statements Worksheet. The Financial Statements are also automatically prepared.

Detailled Instructions are provided here
The General Journal Exercise only uses the General Journal for recording transactions
while the Special Journals Exercise uses Special Journals for recording transactions.
Adjusting Journal Entries have already been recorded for you. Closing Entries are not required for this exercise.
  • Baldy’s Computer System

In this exercise, you use the Manager Accounting Accounting Software and the transaction listing, adjusting journal entry listing, closing entries listing and input screens to record the entries for the period.  

Detailled Instructions are provided here
The data file Baldy’sBarberShop.manager provided is imported into the Accounting Software. The chart of accounts, bank account, and suppliers have already been setup.  
All journals and financial statements are automatically posted and updated. One of the major benefits of using Bookkeeping and Accounting Software.
Baldy’sBarberShop-Answers.manager also needs to be imported so you can check your results.
Each assignment contains additional detailed instructions about what is required and how to complete the lesson.
Answer Sheets are provided for all assignments.  
Where are the Course Materials Located ?
The Course Materials are contained in the following Folders and Sub Folders:
BaldysBarberShop – Main Folder
GettingStarted.pdf – Getting started information and instructions (this document).
Textbook – Sub folder -Beginning Accounting Textbook (Optional)
BriefReviews – Sub folder – Accounting and Computer General Information (Optional)
BaldySpreadsheetSystem -Sub folder – Bookkeeping Spreadsheet Exercises
BaldyManualSystem – Sub folder – Manual Accounting Exercise
BaldyComputerSystem – Sub folder – Computer Accounting Exercise
Getting Started
What Order Should the Course Be Taken ?
1. Baldy’s Manual System Exercise
  • Print Materials

Print Manual Materials and Worksheets and Organize
You can either print and use the workbook or print and use the individual sheets for the manual system exercise.
Work Book
Includes all the entry forms in one book and can be used to record the transactions
in one place instead of printing out the individual sheets.  
Note: You will still need to print out the Transactions Listing, Adjusting Entries Listing and Chart of Account Listing (See Below Individual Sheets and Forms).  
Individual Sheets and Forms
Chart Of Accounts  -  BaldysBarberShop\BaldyManualSystem\ChartAccounts\ChatAccounts.pdf
Transactions  - BaldysBarberShop\BaldyManualSystem\Transactions\Transactions.pdf
Adjusting Entries  - BaldysBarberShop\BaldyManualSystem\AdjustingEntries\AdjstingJournalEntries.pdf
General Journal  -  BaldysBarberShop\BaldyManualSystem\ExerciseForms\ GeneralJournalBlank.pdf
General Ledger -  BaldysBarberShop\BaldyManualSystem\ExerciseForms\GeneralLedgerBlank.pdf
Financial Statements Worksheet  - BaldysBarberShop\BaldyManualSystem\ExerciseForms\ AcctgWorksheet.pdf
Financial Statements -  BaldysBarberShop\BaldyManualSystem\ExerciseForms\ FinancialStatements.pdf
Information Only  
Closing Entries  
Closing Entries  - BaldysBarberShop\BaldyManualSystem\ClosingEntries-InfoOnly\ClosingEntries.pdf
Closing Entries Worksheet  - BaldysBarberShop\BaldyManualSystem\ClosingEntries-InfoOnly\ClosingWorksheet.pdf
General Journal -  BaldysBarberShop\BaldyManualSystem\AnswerSheets\GeneralJournalAnswers.pdf
General Ledger -  BaldysBarberShop\BaldyManualSystem\AnswerSheets\GeneralLedgerAnswers.pdf
Financial Statements Worksheet  - BaldysBarberShop\BaldyManualSystem\AnswerSheets\AcctgWorksheetAnswers.pdf
Financial Statements  - BaldysBarberShop\BaldyManualSystem\AnswerSheets\FinancialStatementsAnswers.pdf
2. Baldy’s Spreadsheet System Exercises

All forms are included in the Spreadsheets

  • General Journal Exercise

  • Excel Spreadsheet
Answer Sheet

  • LibreOffice Spreadsheet
Answer Sheet

  • Special Journals Exercise

  • Excel Spreadsheet
Answer Sheet

  • LibreOffice Spreadsheet
Answer Sheet

3. Baldy’s Computer System Exercise

  • Software and Files

  • Install Manager Accounting Software
if you haven’t already, install the Software by clicking on the file named Manager.msi and following the instructions.

  • Install (Import) Manager Database Files

Open Manager Accounting
Add the Work File
Click on Add A Business
Click on Import Business and locate and select the file named BaldysBarberShop.manager

Add the Answer File
Click on Add A Business
Click on Import Business and locate and select the file named BaldysBarberShop-Answers.manager
Database Files:

Baldys Barber Shop
Baldy’s Barber Shop-Answers

  • Print Sheets Needed
Chart Of Accounts - BaldysBarberShop\BaldyComputerSystem\ChartAccounts\ChartAccounts.pdf
Transaction Listing - BaldysBarberShop\BaldyComputerSystem\Transactions\Transactions.pdf
Adjusting Journal Entries BaldysBarberShop\BaldyComputerSystem\AdjustingEntries\AdjustingEntries.pdf
Closing Journal Entries BaldysBarberShop\BaldyComputerSystem\ClosingEntries\ClosingEntries.pdf


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